Sew for My Big Little Girl

Since it’s been 3 years since I “sewed Christmas” I just decided to broaden this blog to include all quilting projects that I do! Hope I meet some friends along the way.

Today I am leaving Joanne Fabric with some pieces for my daughter’s t-shirt quilt. She wants something new from what I’m used to. She’s asked for FABRIC between the shirts instead of shirt leftovers. And she wants me to surprise her! Very tough task, as our taste is nothing alike. Oh by the way, she’s 22, just moved to Seattle, WA ūüėě after graduating from college, and starts her first teaching job Wednesday. Anyway, here’s what I started to picked, and then what I finally narrowed it down to. Her quilt is shirts from her sorority from College, Raider Sisters for Christ.

I’ll update more as it comes along!


purchasing fabric

Seriously¬†does anyone else get this excited over fabric? I LOVE it! And I got two of these on clearance. What’s great is these are for a Christmas dog bed (why not?!) and two of these clearance fabrics actually look like Christmas. And Christmas is coming! It makes no sense. It’s Crazy! So with my Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon (there’s an app for that) I paid $12.00 for 2 yards of denim fabric. The plaid was $8.00 for 2 yards, and green was $8.00 for 4 yards. (Took the bolt). Total $28.00 which will probably make 2 beds.

Some great places to purchase affordable fabric:

  • Walmart
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Joanne’s Fabric or any fabric store
  • Any Quilt Store (best quality – fantastic quality fabric found here!)

My fabric cost to date for one dog bed: $14

HERE’S A TIP!!!¬†Here’s a secret I just learned. You can use your 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon every day! Or, you can go from store to store using it many times in one day! I’m a penny pincher, so from now I’m buying the high priced items one day at a time!

red green and everything in between

I just completed my first quilt! I am so proud of myself. I have always wanted to learn how. So at age 47, I signed up for a class, walked in smiling and bouncing every Saturday for four fast weeks in a row. I soaked up every minute. I learned how to make squares, sew a straight line, and how to cut fabric with a rotary cutter. I learned all the basics of quilt making. With my head in the clouds and the squares I had made I was “cut” loose! The rest was up to me. Well guess what? I did it! I completed this quilt. Took 9 months but it’s done!

This blog is a project from the heart. I adore Christmas. I realized My heart would be happy sewing Christmas crafts all year long!

I also want to share some instructions for others who want to learn quilting basics. I also want a place to share other Christmas creations as they come along.